Lyn Lloyd
Kidney Dietitian

New Zealand Registered Dietitian, Auckland, New Zealand

I've got
Kidney StonesKidney Disease

Your goal is ...

…  to live a healthier, fuller life free from kidney stones and slow the progression of kidney disease.

  • Enjoy a meal out with friends or family, knowing exactly what choices support your kidney health without feeling restricted.
  • Wake up each morning with more energy and ready to take on the day, thanks to a nutrition plan that's perfectly tailored to your body's needs.
  • Enjoy a sense of relaxation and relief, free from the overwhelm of conflicting advice.
  • Engage in your favourite activities - and work, live, and play without disruptions of kidney problems.

But it's not that simple, is it?

Over-restrictive diets and impractical advice from well-meaning yet inexperienced professionals, friends, or family can put unnecessary restrictions on your life.

I get it. You find making changes to your diet difficult, so let’s explore options to make your food choices more manageable.

Many of my clients tell me that they don’t know how much eating the right foods could help. Imagine if you could break free from this cycle of confusion and worry. Picture a life where you are able to take charge, get the right expert help and support, and your diet becomes a source of strength, not stress. Think about it—feeling confident in your food choices, enjoying your meals without fear, and making the most of your life, all while protecting and improving your kidney health.

Hi, I'm Lyn Lloyd

New Zealand Registered Dietitian

With over 30 years of experience as a renal dietitian, I’m one of the few dedicated renal (kidney) dietitians in New Zealand. I've dedicated my career to supporting and helping people like you through personalised nutrition and evidence-based advice. Understanding the impact of kidney health on your life, I'm here to offer you a blend of expertise, compassion, and tailored support to help you live your healthiest life.

Private Practice Renal Dietitian and Advanced Practitioner Dietitian at Te Toka Tumai, Auckland for 30+ years, during which time I have given national and international presentations to health professionals and at conferences, published peer-reviewed scientific papers, and been involved in global research.

my Values

My work is heavily shaped by my core values

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Care & Service

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Dietitians New Zealand.
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA.
International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism.

Australian and NZ Society of Nephrology.
National Kidney Foundation USA.
Kidney Health New Zealand.
Member of the Global TeleNutrition Consortium.

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How I Approach Your Nutrition Care

Expert Guidance and Personalised Nutrition Advice

Navigating kidney health can be complex and daunting. You need someone who understands the intricacies of kidney problems, can provide tailored advice that fits your individual health needs and may include a thorough lifestyle assessment.

And make sure that your nutrition plans are effective in managing or improving your kidney health, sustainable, enjoyable, and enhance your quality of life.

As a nationally and internationally recognised expert in renal nutrition, I strive for the highest standard of nutrition care in every interaction and service provided, ensuring you receive the best possible support and outcomes.

Support and Understanding

When you’re living with a chronic condition, feeling understood and supported can help your mental and emotional health. Dealing with kidney health issues can be isolating and overwhelming.

I recognise the challenges you face and provide the support you need to address your challenges.

Clarity and Confidence in Dietary Decisions

A lot of general kidney health advice is available, and it can be confusing and often contradictory.

Clear, reliable information that cuts through the noise and helps you make informed decisions about your diet, reducing anxiety and stress associated with meal choices and improving your overall well-being. So you can better manage your condition and make informed decisions about your health.

I put your needs first - so you feel seen, heard, and valued.

Access to Evidence-Based, Cutting-Edge Research and Strategies

Kidney health management is an evolving field. This is why working with an experienced kidney dietitian gives you access to the latest, most effective strategies and treatments that evidence-based research supports.

Getting personalised advice based on current and scientifically backed nutrition strategies can lead to better health outcomes, prevent kidney stones, and improve life quality. So you can be assured you’re receiving the best possible care tailored to your needs.

As a Registered Dietitian, I complete annual continuing professional development. This helps ensure all advice and strategies are grounded in the latest, robust scientific research, so I offer the most effective and up-to-date solutions for kidney health management.